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Which companies use NetSuite? 5 NetSuite Case Studies Revealed

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Which companies use NetSuite? 5 NetSuite Case Studies Revealed

In today's fast-paced business environment, having a robust and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is not just an option—it's a necessity. Companies, both large and small, are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and drive growth. NetSuite is at the forefront of enhancing business operations, being the leading cloud-based ERP software, used by over 40,000 companies worldwide. 

We are going to delve deep into the experiences of 5 large companies from different industries that have integrated NetSuite into their business operations. From tech giants like GoPro to consumer retail leaders like Williams-Sonoma, this blog post will take you through a journey of real-world applications, challenges, and the transformative impact of NetSuite.

Technology and E-Commerce

Go Pro

"Not only does NetSuite support our business growth, but it also benefits our investor relations, with its support for financial transparency, information accuracy, and regulatory compliance" - Stephen Baumer, GoPro CTO.

Go Pro is an American Technology company that manufactures action cameras and develops it's own mobile apps and video-editing software. It has become a leader in the tech world, with it's waterproof and crash proof products shaking up the camera industry.

The Problem

Go Pro was experiencing significant growth that they could not keep up with. Their system was disjointed and inefficient, and was causing them many problems. Retail and warehouse vendors were keen to take on their products, but expected a certain level of sophistication within their operations management. The increase in popularity also attracted the likes of investors, who also wanted increased visibility and operational efficiency. 

The Solution

The above issues led to Go Pro seeking to upgrade their system, of which they chose NetSuite, due to it's unlimited scalability. NetSuite's SuiteFlow enabled them to integrate their customer transaction cycle into one place, improving visibility and increasing efficiency. Go Pro went live with NetSuite in just 6 weeks, and implemented NetSuite OneWorld, advanced financials, inventory management, CRM and more.

The Outcome

Go Pro are now able to:

- Reduce order management response times by more than 16-fold

- Manage their globally distributed supply network in a single system

- Improve investor relations

- Improve business performance across global network

The implementation of NetSuite also led to Go Pro winning numerous awards, including Best In Class Manufacturers in the US and Top 100 Great Supply Chain Projects!  


Non Profit

Coca Cola Foundation Philippines

“NetSuite is helping us operate more efficiently so that we can put our time and energy into making a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged Filipinos.” - Coca Cola Foundation Philippines

The Coca Cola Foundation Philippines is a non profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of Filipinos through programs of waste management, water stewardship and wellbeing. 

The Problem

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines encountered limitations in its previous QuickBooks setup, which affected its functionality, process coordination, and visibility. As a nonprofit organization, the foundation aspired to expand its potential for growth and enhance its ability to measure and manage the outcomes of its programs, all for the betterment of its stakeholders. However, the available software solutions in the market proved to be either excessively expensive or demanded significant time and resources to implement, which presented challenges for its modestly-sized staff.

The Solution

After a rigorous evaluation process against many leading ERPs, NetSuite was selected as the system that would best fit the needs and budget of the Foundation. A 3 person pro bono team was assigned to implement NetSuite into their system for free, with a mixture of financials, CRM and project management modules. A discounted license was also provided, and go-live was achieved within 2 months, ensuring that as much resource was preserved within the organisation as possible to improve the lives of Filipinos. 

The Outcome

As a result, Coca-Cola Foundation are now able to:

- Gain new visibility and control of their financials

- Save 2 days per week that would have been used to create financial reports

- Save 2 weeks per month in managing project financials from donors and vendors

- Save 2.5 million Philippine Pesos in training and software licensing costs through Oracle NetSuite Social Impact

- Have untapped potential to scale and grow their organisation, and help many more lives 


Food and Restaurant

TGI Fridays

“The restaurant industry is highly competitive. That’s why we need real-time data on our business performance to respond to changing customer behaviours,” - Jeff Moran, Vice President of Accounting, TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a leading fast casual restaurant chain, with over 700 locations worldwide. They pride themselves on their American style food, their fun cocktails, and their celebration of "Friday".

The Problem

Over the years TGI Fridays grew substantially, which lead to it branching out into corporate-owned restaurants, local and international franchise partners, third-party delivery alliances, and virtual dining establishments. Due to this, the internal operations and financial management became progressively intricate and expensive to oversee. To simplify procedures and enhance decision-making, Fridays made the strategic choice of implementing NetSuite as its ERP system.

The Solution

TGI Friday's took advantage of NetSuite's advanced financials, including accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger reporting. It also implemented NetSuite's supply chain management modules, it's CRM and inventory management modules. It integrated with multiple third party apps, making it the perfect single system to grow this multinational company. NetSuite's ability to easily expand into multiple legal entities was also a massive benefit, as being able to operate in multiple languages and currencies was paramount for the organisation. 

The Outcome

As a result of implementing NetSuite, TGI Fridays are now able to:

- Automate processes, improving speed and efficiency

- Enhance cash flow

- Gain real-time insights into operations 

- Manage it's global network of franchisees with one single system


Health and Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury

“The speed at which we’re developing is incredible. We needed a business platform that could keep up with and help drive our business. NetSuite OneWorld is that platform,” - James Houston, Operations Director at Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is a high end make up and cosmetics brand. Since it's launch in 2013, Charlotte Tilbury has expanded to sell it's products all across the world, and has become a household name (to women at least!). 

The Problem

Charlotte Tilbury was expanding and becoming the world's leading make up brand. It's outdated and fractured system could not support this growth, and as such they needed a new ERP that could keep up. 

The Solution

NetSuite OneWorld was the perfect answer to Charlotte Tilbury's problems. It's ability to manage multiple legal entities, subsidiaries and currencies, it's ability to manage their increasingly complex financials, and it's real-time insights into the business performance across markets was the exact system needed to keep up with the scale of growth. Charlotte Tilbury implemented NetSuite OneWorld, along with advanced financials, CRM and inventory management. It also made use of the SuiteCloud development platform to perform multiple third party integrations.

The Outcome

NetSuite's OneWorld and further advanced modules enabled Charlotte Tilbury to:

- Quickly and easily seize new market opportunities

- Manage their complex financials in multiple currencies, languages and adhering to multiple tax regulations

- Monitor, report and analyse each product launch, event and ad campaign

- Streamline their operations and increase efficiency


Bailey Hydraulics

“In the past, we utilised information silos in supply chain, IT, manufacturing and sales. With NetSuite, everyone now has easy access to data and it has made us a better company.” - Bailey Hydraulics

Bailey Hydraulics are a manufacturer and distributer of mobile hydraulic components. With over 45 years in the industry, they are a leader in their field, and supply hydraulic and electronic control systems to equipment companies across the globe.

The Problem

Bailey Hydraulics were working on a highly customised, ageing on premise AS/400 system, which was causing them multiple headaches. It was slow, inefficient, and lacked the functionality they needed. The ability to extract data and perform any type of analysis was a massive issue, which ultimately meant they lacked visibility and couldn't make business improvement decisions. With the ageing system and the substantial growth they were experiencing, they knew that they needed a new system.

The Solution

After assessing multiple ERP systems, Bailey Hydraulics chose to implement Oracle NetSuite. They implemented NetSuite OneWorld and NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced, in order to manage their online sales and allow them to expand into multiple subsidiaries. They also implemented NetSuites financials, inventory management, CRM, manufacturing and supply chain management modules. 

The Outcome

As a result, Bailey Hydraulics were able to:

- Reduce their financial close process from 20 to 3 days (!)

- Create reports in minutes and not weeks, providing real-time insights into business processes

- Replace 3 full time developers with more versatile IT employees with a focus on data and system administration

- Scale their operations into multiple subsidiaries, including India and Canada

These case studies show that Oracle NetSuite can fit the needs of any business, in any industry. With it's cloud-based infrastructure and it's modular/subscription approach, you can streamline your operations and scale your business substantially. Threadgold Consulting are a leading NetSuite solution provider, with over 10 years experience in NetSuite implementations. If you'd like to know how we can help you transform our business, get in touch here!