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NetSuite Tutorial: An Introduction To Saved Searches

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NetSuite Tutorial: An Introduction To Saved Searches

One of NetSuite's best features is it's comprehensive reporting ability. With all your data in one system, you can quickly and easily access reports on any department within your business.

Saved searches are a powerful tool that streamline your reporting process and enable you to retrieve and organize data from the database according to specific criteria set by the user. 

The user sets the criteria for the information they want to see, and then save it so they can easily access it next time they go into the system. For example, the Sales Manager might want to see how many deals they have closed this month compared to how many leads they have received. 

Private vs Public Saved Search

 Saved searches come in two types: private and public.

  1. Private Saved Searches: These are saved searches that are created by a user and are only accessible to that user. They are not visible to other users in the NetSuite system. Private saved searches are often used for individual work or for data that is not relevant to other users. It allows users to customize and save their search criteria for their own specific needs without cluttering the system for others.

  2. Public Saved Searches: Public saved searches, on the other hand, are accessible to all users who have the necessary permissions to view them. These are typically created for broader use within the organization. They can be used to share important data views, reports, or analytics with other team members or departments. Public saved searches ensure consistency in data retrieval and reporting across different users and departments.

The choice between making a saved search private or public depends on the nature of the data being searched and the intended audience for that data within the organization. For example, a search containing sensitive financial data might be kept private, while a search pertaining to general sales data might be made public for the sales team to access.


Setting up a saved search in NetSuite

In order to set up a saved search, simply use the following process:

  1. Navigate to Saved Searches: Go to the 'Lists' tab, then 'Search', and select 'Saved Searches'. Here, you'll find an option to create a new saved search.

  2. Select the Record Type: Click on 'New' to create a new saved search. You will be prompted to select the type of record you want to search for (such as customers, transactions, items, etc.). Choose the relevant record type for your search.

  3. Define Search Criteria:

    • Criteria Tab: This is where you define the filters for your search. For example, if you're creating a search for customers in a specific region, you would set the criteria to filter customers by that region.
    • Results Tab: Here, you specify what information you want to see in the search results, like customer name, email, sales amount, etc. You can add, remove, and arrange columns as needed.
    • Sorting: You can also define how the results should be sorted (e.g., by date, name, amount).
  4. Set Up Additional Options (optional):

    • Summary Tab: If you want to see summarized data (like total sales), use this tab.
    • Available Filters Tab: These are optional filters that users can apply when they run the search to refine the results.
    • Email/Audience Tab: If you want to set up automated emails of the search results or specify who can view the search (for public searches).
  5. Preview the Search: You can preview the search to make sure it returns the results as expected. Adjust the criteria or results columns as necessary.

  6. Save the Search: Once you are satisfied with the search setup, give it a meaningful name and save it. You can choose to make the search private (only visible to you) or public (visible to others with the necessary permissions).

  7. Running the Search: After saving, you can run the search any time and it will provide up-to-date results based on your defined criteria and filters.

Remember, the exact steps and options may vary slightly depending on your NetSuite version and the specific permissions set by your organization. If you are struggling to create a saved search for yourself, contact your implementation partner and they will be more than happy to help you. 

Why can't I see both private and public saved searches?

As experienced NetSuite consultants, a common query that we receive is that users cannot view all of their saved searches. This includes their private searches, plus all public searches. 

This is due to the "Show All Private Searches" filter being set to All, which is its default value.

Albeit confusingly, this doesn't actually include all private searches. You need to go in and change the filter to "Yes". 


  1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches
  2. Filters: Click +
  3. Show All Private Searches: Select Yes

Sadly this is just one of NetSuite's quirks! If you find you or your team have lots of questions regarding their NetSuite solution, then Threadgold Consulting are here to offer their expertise via 24/7 support. Get in touch and we can discuss a support package that will suit your business.