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5 NetSuite Project Mistakes and How to Rescue a Sinking Project

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5 NetSuite Project Mistakes and How to Rescue a Sinking Project

Embarking on a NetSuite implementation journey is a strategic move for businesses seeking streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. However, the path is riddled with potential pitfalls that can lead to project failure. As your trusted NetSuite partner, we believe in transparency and understanding these challenges. Let's explore five key reasons why NetSuite projects may face setbacks and, more importantly, how to rescue a project from the brink of failure.

1. Is NetSuite the Right Choice?

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is pivotal. NetSuite is a powerful platform, but its success depends on alignment with your business needs. Failure to evaluate whether NetSuite is the right fit can result in functionality gaps and inefficiencies. From experience, we see that when the wrong choice of ERP is made, there's a significant amount of development required to get the system fit for purpose. This can cause lengthy delays and budget issues.

Solution: Prioritize a comprehensive assessment of your business requirements. Ensure that during the sales process you carefully work with your chosen NetSuite partner to bring confidence from both sides that the project will be a success.

2. Choosing the Right Partner to Fit Your Business

Selecting the right NetSuite implementation partner is as critical as choosing the platform itself. A mismatch between your business and your partner's capabilities can lead to miscommunication, delays, and a lack of alignment with your objectives.

Solution: Partner with an experienced and industry-focused team. If you're a small company looking for a templated solution, it may be better to work directly with Oracle Professional Services. For projects requiring more of a personalised approach, consider working with a NetSuite partner that will understand your business and work with you long term.

3. Inadequate Project Management and Unrealistic Goals

Effective project management is the backbone of any successful implementation. Unrealistic goals, poor planning, and inadequate oversight can lead to delays and budget overruns.

Solution: Establish realistic timelines, milestones, and provide continuous oversight, ensuring a smooth and successful NetSuite implementation. We commonly see too many pieces of the project or customisations being crammed into phase 1. We always advise keeping phase 1 as simple as possible as there's enough to do without the extra bits!

4. Data

The quality and accuracy of your data is paramount. Neglecting data migration, cleansing, or input can result in operational bottlenecks and compromised decision-making.

Solution: Start the data preparation and analysis early in the project and gain buy-in from the wider team.

5. Not Taking Ownership of the System After Go-Live

Post-implementation, internal ownership is crucial for ongoing success. Failure to instill a sense of responsibility and continuous improvement can lead to underutilization of the system's capabilities.

Solution: Comprehensive training programs empower your team to take ownership and not resent the system. Threadgold Consulting assist in creating a support structure, designate administrators, and foster a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

How to Rescue a Failed NetSuite Project?

Coming to terms with the fact that your implementation hasn't gone how you'd planned can be tough. You may feel like you've wasted a lot of time and money, but fear not, things can be turned around with the right attitude and focus. 

Internal Focus

It is essential to engage people at all levels of your organization, and ensure that everyone understands what is needed to rescue the project quickly and smoothly. Foster a collective commitment to addressing challenges and finding solutions. A united front is key to overcoming obstacles.

Simplify Phase 1

In the face of adversity, consider simplifying your project scope. Focus on essential functionalities for Phase 1, allowing you to stabilize and build a strong foundation for subsequent phases. Once phase 1 is complete and you have your solid foundation, then you can begin to fix (or change) complex customisations. Focusing on too much too soon can create confusion and slow the project down even further. 

Change Partner

If issues persist and your current partner is unable to address them, don't hesitate to explore other options. A change in perspective and expertise may be the catalyst your project needs for a successful turnaround.

As your dedicated Oracle NetSuite partner, we're committed to your success. Should challenges arise, trust us to guide you through the rescue mission, leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach to set your project back on track. Together, we'll turn setbacks into success stories.

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