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Strategy Demands Integration, Speed

To support its expansion in Southeast Asia, Japan-based ASICS needed ERP software that could quickly be provisioned for sales operations in India and Singapore, managed without an IT department, and was flexible enough to integrate with on-premise financial software at its headquarters. Seeking to reduce TCO, ASICS looked to the cloud and a two-tier ERP model to provide real-time visibility across the entire organisation.

Company: ASICS Asia PTE. LTD, ASICS India Private Limited

Industry: Apparel and Footwear

Location: Singapore, India

Employees: 30 in total

Number of Subsidiaries: 2

Number of Countries: 2

Parent or Subsidiary: ASICS Corporation

NetSuite Product Implemented: NetSuite OneWorld

“We chose NetSuite because we needed an ERP to support us without infrastructural operations since it was difficult for us to secure IT specialists locally.”

Mr. Takahiro Mizumoto

Manager, SCM Solution Team, Global IT Division, ASICS Corporation

Rapid Deployment, Robust Functionality

A three-month deployment of NetSuite OneWorld allowed ASICS to launch its Singapore subsidiary in four months, and India in six. The two-tier ERP model is integrated with a system at headquarters to provide one version of data and end-to-end visibility into financials, accounting, order management and inventory management.

Regulatory Compliance, Customer Satisfaction Ensured

NetSuite’s robust regulatory reporting allowed ASICS to easily establish direct sales and marketing in Singapore, replacing a distributor it had been using since 1981. Enhanced visibility into stock enables reliable shipping to East Asian customers, increasing client satisfaction.

Platform for Regional Expansion

Subsidiaries can monitor business performance in real-time and issue daily reports to headquarters. This visibility into performance, coupled with a scalable, repeatable two-tier ERP model, ensures that ASICS can quickly establish subsidiaries in the region, and ensure its success.